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Vacation Recap! – All About the brand new Celebrity Edge

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

My family and I had THE BEST time on Celebrity Cruises. It was beyond luxurious and such a great vacation for the kid's spring break.

Westcott spring break on Celebrity Cruises.
Getting fancy for dinner with the family!

As a family, we love to travel! One of the easiest ways to vacay in style, and one of our favorites – cruises! My husband Court only likes to travel on new ships because he gets a first-look at them, so we booked our trip on the Celebrity Edge about three years in advance... crazy town! 

This traveling circus of a family could not have had a better time, as the kids get a little bit older they are appreciating all the fun even more! We sailed out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and our stay there was fabulous as well!

Before reading any further I should mention that if you book before April 3, kids sail FREE! ~

About the Celebrity Edge 

  • 1000 foot first of it's kind edge-class cruise ship 

  • 2900 passenger capacity

  • 29 restaurants 

  • Sails Caribbean and European waters

Check out this incredible ship here ~

Our Room - Iconic Suite

The iconic suite... professionally named just for me! Kidding!!! You guys, I have never had even a HOTEL room that was as fabulous as our penthouse on this cruise was. With a nautical white, gray and blue theme, this room was just beyond. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world, with views from all directions front to back. 

At almost 2000 square feet it is more than enough room for any family with accommodations for 6 guests.

The views from all angles were spectacular, the private Jacuzzi and balcony were our favorite hangout spots. There was even a swing in the room and a flatscreen TV that folded out of the ceiling over the master bed!

The bathroom was bigger than my bathroom at home in Dallas... and that's saying something (LMAO.)

Our suite came with a manager who was there to help us with everything for our entire stay, including my issues connecting to the WiFi, which was probably just a "blonde thing" and turned out being hysterical.

More on the room here:

Kids Club –

Amazing. Cruise made slime one day! The bigger kids went on a scavenger hunt. Hilton made a friend and they came back every day with so many fun stories, they couldn't stop talking about it!

More on the kids club here:

Spa –

I got a deep tissue massage, I fell asleep and I NEVER fall asleep! The rocking of the boat just put me to sleep! The Masseuse was fabulous, she did a great job. 

The spa itself was fabulous because it was so relaxing. The "relaxation room" has an ocean view, that was my favorite part!

More on the Spa here:

Entertainment –

Kaleidoscope show was super fun, the music was awesome, kids stayed engaged the whole time. The dancers were phenomenal, this was my favorite show on the ship!

More about the entertainment on-board here:

Dining - 

Le Petit Chef and Friends - Augmented realty dinner! They had 3D animations on the table during dinner from the little chef preparing the food to servers serving it, it was amazing!!

Eden - Show & eat-in restaurant was characters walking around to interact with guests as they eat, the kids loved it!The food was super exotic, but they accommodated the children by getting food from other restaurants on the boat and brought it to this restaurant for us!

Fine Cut Steakhouse - This was our first meal on the boat, the kids ate their WHOLE steaks... definitely my favorite meal onboard!

Your Questions –

Is it child friendly? What are some activities the kids enjoyed?

100% child friendly! Le Petit dinner they loved, the pools, the zip lining excursion, laser maze, shows, & getting off to go to the beach to name a few! 

What has been the best meal you had this week?

Fine Cut Steakhouse

How clean is it?

REALLY clean! Cleaner than ANY hotel I've been to, that's for sure.

Did you get motion sickness?

I always get motion sickness, but I only got it for a short period of time and then the waves/rocking lightened up.

Was there enough to do onboard?

We were always busy doing stuff onboard!

What ports does it leave from?

Fort Lauderdale is where we sailed from. They do a European cruise too but not sure what ports over there. 

How was the food? Were you able to eat healthy with good quality fruits/veggies?

Yes, it was easier to eat healthy there than being at home! The fruits and veggies were extremely fresh, the papaya was AMAZING.

Top 3 things to do on the ship!

Laser maze, zip lining, spa!

Favorite port?

Puerto Rico.

What other cruise lines have you traveled on? How does Celebrity compare?

I have only traveled on Celebrity... and I love it!

Are they really crowded?

No, it was a good balance of people!

What is the best thing about the ship?

Customer service was unmatched! Insanely professional the entire time.

Where all did you travel on the cruise?

Puerto Rico, Tortola, & St. Martin were the stops we made.

What's the customer service like?

Amazing. Best I've had all year, that's for sure.

Does the suite y'all stayed in have a specific name?

Iconic Suite!

Do you think a 16 & 18 year old would enjoy it?


Did you workout during vacation?

I did! Yes! There were workout classes onboard!

Would you go again?

I went on Holland America and wouldn't do it again...I would go tomorrow! And the next day! I would go all month if I could!

What activities do they have onboard for adults?

Shows, spa, pool, comedy shows, workout classes, casino

How long was cruise? 

1 week/7 days

Would you recommend for a family with a 9 year old and 9 month old?

Yes! Kids club was fabulous 

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