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Your Ultimate Guide to Statement Earrings & my personal ‘Top 8’

We all know pairing earrings with an outfit is an art to say the least, and I am beyond OBSESSED with earrings. I was recently named the “Reality TV queen of the statement earring” by, and yes, I can prove it!

Before I tell you some of my favorite pairs of earrings I have collected over the years, there is one rule. Statement earrings have to be big, chunky, and noticeable to make a real pop on an outfit. If they’re not too chunky, a simpler outfit to make them be the statement is always the way to go. That being said, let’s dive in! I’m going to count backwards, up to my favorites!

I have linked as many as I can through, but will include a link to any that aren’t available on their site!

8. Oscar de la Renta Tassles – in every color.

These are fabulous for any casual occasion, beaches, dinners, parties – you name it! They come in TONS of colors, lengths, and styles, here are a couple of my favs!

These are my all-time go-to gold hoops, but really any gold hoop will do! Everyone needs their staple neutral hoop, these are mine! They aren’t available on RewardStyle so they’re linked below.

Fabulous for spring/summer! Good for the pool, these are acrylic hoops from my absolute favorite earring designer! She will show up again on this list… more than once!

Another one of my go-to’s! These are fabulous and pair well with jeans/blazer, fashion t-shirts or fashion sneakers. I have them in the silver and multi-color! Linked below.

Something everyone needs a pair of, they go with everything. A must! If it’s above the budget I have seen great look-a-likes on Etsy! Also included a pic of them on, it’s hard to tell what they look like from stock photos!

These are STATEMENT earrings if I have ever seen them! One of my absolute favorite pairs, I have them in a few different colors! These are great to go with cocktail dresses and a little bit dressier of occasions! They have matching rings, to die for!!!

I would wear these for just about any dressy occasion, they are perfect for cocktail dresses! I have them in gold and silver. Absolute favorites!!!

I am obsessed with these that I just got! They are specialty Monica Sordo earrings, will be wearing them a lot! I’m sure there are styles similar to these online, and I know there are some on her website specifically, but not these exact ones!

Thanks for reading everyone, I’ll be back next week!



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