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Travel Makeup I LOVE!

Everyone asks me what makeup products I bring when I travel, so I wanted to share what makeup I actually brought on my latest vacation.

I honestly didn't bring too much makeup this time to travel with, believe it or not, because I went to the beach... = natural makeup, of course!! Anyhow, these are my favorite products that I couldn't live without... even at the beach!

Highlighter: Hourglass Cosmetics Illume Sheer Color Trio in Sunset. Highlighting, blush, bronzer, highlighter under eyes is fabulous makes eyes glitter

Clé de Peau concealer with SPF 25 in it is a must, cant go anywhere without it 

FAVORITE Mascara - Hourglass Ultra Black. I am obsessed, I have not found a fabulous mascara in a long time that's just something different and special, and this is the ONE. You guys all have to get it. It's Cautious Extra Last Mascara, you all HAVE to have it, I promise!

Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Bush #9 - favorite pink blush everyone needs. Subtle pink, awesome

Gorgeous Cosmetics palette. Highlighter & neutral eyeshadows

Must have - Bling Brush cleans your ring after being on beach/sunscreen/sand. Cleans jewelry on the go

Tom Ford eyebrow pencil - my color is Taupe, there is one lighter than this but I like having a good contrast between eyebrows and skin so I tend to go a little bit darker

Anastasia clear brow gel, I have wild brows sometimes so it holds your brows down 

Peekaboo pink #13 by Sephora, makes lips super glossyEasy lip glosses that I throw in my bag wherever I go, the color always seems to match everything.

Powder brush by Tarte Cosmetics, I love Tarte eyeshadow pallets but don't bring them while traveling because they're too big! Made of bamboo and it's super soft and I'm obsessed!

Original RCMA no-color powder. My makeup artist last year got me really into this. Has no color, holds foundation and colors down and has no shine on camera/in pictures. 

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1 commentaire

02 avr. 2019

Love it, your photos look amazing! xx

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