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Top 10 Fav Things to Carry in My Purse!

You'll always catch me with a purse full of my go-to beauty products and everything I need as a mama!

#1. My fav sunnies are the Fendi Ribbons and Pearls sunglasses. It's ultra feminine and embellished by Swarovski pearls, which I love!

#2. I always have my Lancome face powder for touch-ups throughout the day. It helps me get rid of any shine too!

#3. Spry Mints are great and helps prevent cavities for the kids. 

#4. I always on the go and like to make sure I have something eat quickly. Luna bars are awesome!

#5. My fav lipgloss is from Sephora. 

#6.  I also always have my Cle de Peau Beaute's Refined Lip Luminizer, in any shade of pink of course!

#7. I try to stay hydrating and my favorite is Penta Water!

#8. My mini wet brush keeps my hair in control throughout the day.

 #9. I'm obsessed with Kiehl's hand cream.

 #10. Zantac, because you just never know!

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2 commenti

17 mar 2021

What do you use for a foundation

Mi piace

22 mar 2019

I love the 10 things you keep in your purse I will get the lip gloss and hand lotion

I love Pentagon water!

I love the blog!

Mi piace
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